After Care

Tattoo Aftercare- Important Step for Successful Procedure 

After choosing the suitable tattoo design and getting the work done, tattoo aftercare is one of the most important parts of your tattoo journey. You should know how to take the best care of your tattoo. Here at Ashta India, we offer best tattoo aftercare products healing ointments that enhance the color of your tattoo. 

Taking care of a new tattoo is your major responsibility once you get out of the tattoo’s studio. When you finish getting your new tattoo, from the very moment your skin will become a big raw wound. In this, correct aftercare products ensure you that the tattoo area skin will remain infection free and it heals as quickly as possible. Additionally, it prevents swelling, moist your skin, keeps tattooed area soft and guarantee no loss of colors

After Care ointments help to heal your skin efficiently and effectively. Keeping your skin safety in our mind, we source our products from the known manufacturers to provide you safe and best quality products.

Ashta India guarantees you the safety and high-quality standards on our products that we supply here. To learn more about aftercare product, simply browse through our page and know their use and benefits. PC04
After Care Anti-Oxidant Healing Balm
Healing Balm used for faster healing of lips brows and eyeliner. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent herpes and fever blisters, keeps the treated pigmented areas moist. Recommended for client for use as after care.
Also contain Vitamin A, E and Aloe Vera to speed up the healing process.

Option Price/pcsPrice/pcsPrice/pcs Qty.
  1 pcs5+10+  
Balm 400.00 380.00 360.00 PC09
Fade Skin Exfoliant Bleaching Agent
This agent is designed to modify the wrong lines, to fade wrong tattoos during and after the procedure.
Apply on punctured skin of wrong lines by clean needle or toothpick, wait for 3-5 minutes until color slowly fades.


3500.00 ₹ 14.29% OFF
Price: 3000.00 ₹ PC01
Permanent Makeup Tattoo Fixing Agent
Fixing Agent is formulated to "lock" the color and prevent the loss of the pigment during the tattooing operation, extending by this way the color duration and making the color result more homogeneous.

- Agent can be used while the procedure, by mixing it with the pigment.
- While the procedure: apply the product on the wounded skin and wait for 20 seconds
- Apply after the tattoo procedure is completed within 2 minutes.


Price: 3000.00 ₹