Extension Accessories

Useful Hair Extension Accessories

Ashta India stock some needful range of hair extension accessories supplies that will come in handy at your work. The list includes plastic protectors, professional hair extension pliers, U-shaped pre-bond pliers, plastic protector tabs with scale, special brush for hair extension, small metal clips and so on.

Our hair extensions are made of the finest quality and are reusable. We effort to satisfy our customers by always supplying them high-quality products that add spark to their business surprisingly.

We understand that for any hair stylist need of a professional set of tools to run their business is important. Keeping this in as our priority we offer everything that a professional hair stylist looks for. Here at Ashta India, we have accessories to make your extension process simple and quick. Dig under hair extension category to know about different hair accessories, extensions that you want for your personal/professional use.

Art.nr: HEAC02
Hair Extensions Brush
It is recommended to use a large soft bristle brush to brush your Hair Extensions as this will ensure the brush does not snag your extensions or natural hair, as other types of brushes might. Using this special bristle Hair Extensions brush will leave the hair in optimum condition that is prolongs Hair extensions life. Always begin brushing at the ends of the hair, then move up to mid length and finally brush the root area.

Price: 400.00 ₹
Art.nr: HEAC03
Plastic Protector Tabs
Protects your hair and scalp during application of Hair Extensions
You can have one hair section at a time using this protector tab.


Price: 80.00 ₹
Art.nr: HEAC05
Small Metal Clips
Practical metal clips to hold in place Protector Tab when hair extensions applying.

The top of the clip can be used to pick up a hair section for the application of the extension.

Size: 4.5 cm long


Price: 100.00 ₹