Start Kit

High-Quality Eyelash Extension Kit 

Eyelash extension kit contains everything that a beginner needs to get started in the cosmetic industry. Ashta India is the top supplier of all the types of eyelash extensions for the proper use of eyelash extensions. This starter kit is specially designed to help a beginner, wishing to set up a career in the cosmetic industry. Well, Ashita India eyelash extension start kit consists of the amazing variety of multiple length eyelash perm kit extensions, eyelash extension glue, premium lash cleaners, air blower, crystal plate, eye gel patches, eyelash comb brush, curved tweezers, and a straight tweezer.

If you are a beginner and wanted to set up a career in this field, then beginning it with eyelash extension start kit is a great choice. Start kit at ashta India designed with the only specific set of items that are essential and helps in making your career in the cosmetic industry. Professional eyelash extension kit artists had also used these starter kits in the starting of their career.

Ashta India is known for supplying high-quality products to our clients which are highly reliable and safe. Taking care of your choice We sourced these items from the well-known manufacturers available in the market. So, if you are one of them who are looking for the best eyelash extension start kit to buy then shop these items at ashta India. We are the best supplier of cosmetic products. Browse through our site to know in brief about this product. We are glad to serve you our quality products. ESK01
Start Kit
Everything you need for one successful Eyelash Extension:
* Multiple-length Eyelash Extensions on tray 1pc
* Premium Lashes Cleanser 1pc
* Eyelash Extension Glue 1pc
* Premium Eyelash Extensions Glue Remover 1pc
* Air Blower 1pc
* Eye Gel Patches 10pcs
* Silicon Pad 1pc
* Crystal Plate 1pc
* Eyelash Comb-Brush 1pc
* Straight Tweezers 1pc
* Curved tweezers 1pc

Value: 200 EUR

Price: 9000.00 ₹