Eyelash Perm

Eyelash Perm Kit for Professional Beauty Artists

Enhances and intensify you're clients look with professional eyelash perm kit. We at Ashta Europe offer professional eyelash perm kit that’s perfect for people who crave that extra curl for their natural lashes. For those who have naturally long thick but straight lashes, can get the perfect curve for their clients with this excellent eyelash perming kit.  Eyelash Perming is an innovative yet easy way to curl straight lashes or give a lift for a shorter ones as well as shape eyebrows. We offer eyelash perm kit which includes  bottles of perm lotion, fixative bottles, nourishing bottles, cleanser and eyelash rollers along with an instructions manual. You can also find in this category different eyelash perm products for your individual needs.

Unlike the frequent use of an eyelash curler, which can break the natural lashes, a good eyelash perm  doesn’t harm natural lashes. The eyelash perm last as long the natural lifetime of own lashes, which is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Get immediate results every time with these quality products sourced from the best. Our kit contains all that you need to achieve outstanding eyelash perm results. The results are excellent and long-lasting giving you're clients a beautiful natural curl.

Art.nr: Art.nr: E-PERM-10
Eyelash Perming Kit
- 1 bottle Perm Lotion
- 1 bottle Fixative
- 1 bottle Nourishing
- 1 bottle Cleanser
- 1 bottle of glue
- 8 pairs of sticky Perm Rolls
- 3 pairs of reusable Silicon Curlers L, M, S sizes.
- Instructions

Price: 2500.00 ₹
Art.nr: E-PERM-09
Jap Barbie Eyelash Perm Kit
Everything you need for a successful Eyelash Perm.
Kit includes:
- 3 bottles of Curling Agent (A)
- 3 bottles of Fixative (B)
- 2 bottles of After treatment (D)
- 2 Bottles of Cleanser (C)
- 1 bottle of Glue
- 1 bottle of Eyelash Growth Liquid
- 3 pairs of reusable Silicon Curlers L, M, S sizes.
- 1 pc of Applicator
- Instructions

Approx. for 30-40 procedures

Price: 4000.00 ₹
Art.nr: E-PERM-08
Reusable Rerm Rollers
Perm Rollers made of silicone. Can be reused as many time as you want. Use lash Glue (Art.nr E-PERM-02 or Art.nr: EG05) to fix Rollers on eyelids and lashes on the Rollers.

4 pairs: S, M, L, XL.

Price: 1000.00 ₹
Art.nr: E-PERM-04
Sticky Perm Rolls
Sticky Perm Rolls for eyelash Perm. Easy to form, easy to apply. Lash Glue usually unnecessary when using these Perm Rolls
You may cut the length of the Roll according to the eye size.

Three thickness sizes available:
Small, Medium, Large.

32 rolls in one package ( for 16 applications)

Price for 1 package.
Option Price/pcs Qty.
  1 pcs  
Small 500.00
Medium 500.00
Large 500.00