Anesthetics for Painless Tattoo Procedures

Tattoos look amazing, don’t they? However, to tattooed that attractive design, you have to suffer from lots of pain. Yes, having a tattoo is quite painful but that cannot stop you from getting inked. The best way to relive some of the pain is to use anesthetics cream. Ashta India is here to serve you quality and safe anesthetics for any form of permanent makeup liquid anesthetic procedures.

Our anesthetic products come in different forms: gel, liquid and cream form. There are numerous products mainly designed to be used at the time of getting a tattoo in which anesthetics cream are one of them. Using these tattoo anesthetic creams will make your tattoo experience even better. Give the time for anesthetics to get absorbed into the skin and it will give you relax from pain and irritation. 

Various professionals and beauticians use anesthetics for several cosmetic treatments which guarantee preventions from pain during the procedures. So do you planning to have the tattoo but fear the experience of pain? Don't worry, now with our aesthetic creams you can undergo any tattoo or permanent makeup procedure without causing you bad memories of pain.

We wanted you to find the best working tattoo anesthesia, so we source our products from renowned manufacturers to supply you the high-quality products with proper safety standards. We also want our clients to know about the benefits, work and use of the products so, browse under this category to keep yourself well informed about them. PAN01
TAG #45 Clear Gel Topical Anesthetic
TAG #45 Clear Gel Topical Anesthetic
helps to control pain and swelling and is to be applied mid-procedure on broken skin. This product contains 4% lidocaine and epinephrine and ensures that your patients don't have to suffer during a long procedure.

Used for: tattooing, permanent cosmetics.

30ml bottle

Price: 2800.00 ₹ PAN07
Eye Anesthetic Cream

"Eye Anesthetic cream" is specially formulated for applying on eyelid area. It can be also used on brows and lips. Main ingredients: 5%lidocaine, 5%prilocaine and 3% Benzocaine Packing: 10g/tube

Price: 1600.00 ₹ PAN09
J-PRO anesthetic cream
This creamy anesthetic is designed specifically to relieve the pain and discomfort experienced during tattooing, Permanent makeup, piercing, laser removal of tattoo or waxing.
Non-oily, water-based.


Price: 1200.00 ₹ PAN12
Liquid Anesthetic for Permanent Makeup
The Liquid Anesthetic is used for painless treatment before and during the performing a permanent makeup procedure.
This product may produce cold crystals that have to be dissolved before use. You just need to keep the bottle in your hand for two minutes to dissolve the crystals

Apply for 5-15 minutes before procedure. Prolong time if needed.
Apply for several seconds on wounded skin on midway procedure.

Liquid Anesthetic cannot be used for eyes operation directly.
Very effective to use on lip and brows together with lip or brows cotton:
Apply cotton on the lips/brows. Dunk the cotton with the anesthetic liquid and wait until the area is numbed.

This product has the function of painkilling, detumescence, bleeding and scabbing prevention, aiding coloring.

One package contains: 2ml x 10 pcs bottles.

Price for one package (20ml)

Price: 3000.00 ₹