Power Supply & Foot pedal

Digital Power Supply and Foot Pedals for Beginners and Professionals of the Industry‚Äč

Ashta India is glad to provide you wide array of permanent makeup power supply and foot pedals for making tattooing procedures easy. Digital Power supply will bring forward the best performance of your hand piece, giving you quick switch between different pre-programmed functions.

Using foot pedal will provide you hassle free and more effective work, where you can put all your concentration on proper lines, shading or full coloring.

Professional permanent make up technicians and beginners are returning customers at our online store for many years now. You can scroll our site and find vary power supply and foot pedals that suits your need.

We source our permanent makeup supplies from established companies that have good reputation on market so that our customer’s get the best. Our collection of permanent makeup supplies are sure not to let down our client’ expectations.

Art.nr: PPS02
Permanent MakeUp Power Supply
Permanent Make-up power supply with regulator
With this Power supply you can add
three speed options for your PMU Hand Piece. Compatible with most PMU machines.

Input 100~240V
Output 0~6V
3 speed options

Price: 800.00 ₹
Art.nr: PPS04
Foot Pedal for PMU Machine
Foot pedal allows you to turn on and off your machine without using the switch.
The pedal can control the machine and reduce time while leaving both hands free for the procedure.

Price: 2000.00 ₹