Machines (Traditional needles)

No doubt that tattoo needles play a major role in the process of tattooing. From beginner to professional artists they choose selectively when it comes to buying needles for their procedure and why not they should be careful as it plays an important role for the best result.
Getting the finest traditional is not only tough but also quite confusing especially for those who just starting out and not much familiar with each type of needles. So, if you are looking for the high-quality traditional needles then, you are in the right place. We here at Ashta India supply the best quality traditional needles to our valued clients.

We supply traditional needles which are designed with different sizes suitable for lip liners, eyeliner, and eyebrows. We sourced from the top manufacturers who ensure to provide high-quality traditional needles. We know that's its not at all simple to buy the best traditional needle but considering size, and quality of the needles can assist the buyer in purchasing the best needle for their work.

Our needles have outstanding stability and minimum vibration. Our needles are made of medical grade stainless steel also packed individually after proper sterilization. Out traditional tattoo needles are disposable means one-time use accessory. Needles we provide to our clients assured 100% safety. So, browse now to our page to learn more about these needles, their wide range in terms of size and purchase the one that suits best with your need. You can also browse through different categories of needles provided by us. PM019
Permanent MakeUp Machine
Beautiful design.
Motor with rate speed from 10000rmp/m- to 25000rmp/m.

Easy to operate, this machine is good for all techniques both for Beginners and Professionals.

1pc machine
1pc power plug

This machine uses traditional PMU needles.

22000.00 ₹ 18.18% OFF
Price: 18000.00 ₹ PM08
Permanent MakeUp Kit
Beautiful, ergonomic design.
Powerful motor with rate speed from 10000rmp/m- to 25000rmp/m.
Built in Speed Adjustment, which means that you can use this machine without external power supply for speed adjustment.
Easy to operate, this machine is good for all techniques both for Beginners and Professionals.

Kit comes with:
1pc machine
1pc foot pedal for hands-free speed control
1pc power plug
sample of needles and cups

26000.00 ₹ 19.23% OFF
Price: 21000.00 ₹ PM06
Permanent MakeUp Kit
Digital Permanet MakeUp Unit features comfortable touch panel for quick speed adjustment.
Handpiece provides stable performance; better, more proper penetration of pigment into the skin; less damage or traumas to the skin and better healing of area.
Handpiece uses traditional PMU needles and crystal cups PAC13, d)

Kit includes:
* Silver carrying case 1pc
* Digital Power Unit 1pc
* Permanent MakeUp Machine 1pc
* Traditional needles 20pcs
* Needles Tips 10pcs
* Pigment Rings 2pcs
* Crystal Cups 5pcs

35000.00 ₹ 34.29% OFF
Price: 23000.00 ₹