Digital Permanent MakeUp Unit

Permanent makeup helps people with a busy schedule it can simply save their time. There would be no worries about your makeup smudging or fading having to re-apply lipstick. But there are other benefits too beyond the timesaving benefit for someone to get permanent makeup done. This treatment offers a quick solution for people who don't like to apply makeup. It offers you natural-looking shine with fast recovery so that you can put your fresh face ahead. Digital permanent makeup machine is extremely beneficial for people with cosmetic surgeries which causes irregular reactions like white patches on the skin.


Ashta India known for supplying high quality digital permanent makeup units at a very reasonable price. The digital makeup unit that we provide to our client's meet the medical hygiene health standards. We have a wide range of digital permanent makeup units that our clients from the beauty business would need for their business which are made by the professional manufacturer. Our products are obtained from the top manufacturers in the industry, providing excellent products from the wide variety which is of the supreme quality standards and fits under the requirement of each and every client.


In the business of cosmetics and beauty, we highly renowned for our top-notch standard products. We concern more about product hygiene and quality, we only source the quality material from best manufacturers. We believe in offering quality products by being adaptable to all supplying practices. We provide products that are reliable, durable and highly effective for our clients to satisfy their needs PMDU07
Permanent MakeUp Unit PU
Digital Power Unit will regulate frequency of strokes from 60 to 160 strokes per second.
The front panel is equipped with only a touch screen no controls or sliding parts. This makes a fast and hygienic cleaning possible.
Small, Light, easy to operate, easy cleaning of the hygienic surfaces.

Kit comes with:
1 pc Digital Unit
1 pc Cartridge needle machine HK
1 pc Foot pedal
1 pc Machine Holder
15 pcs Cartridge needles
1 pc Power cord
1 pc Machine cable

29000.00 ₹ 34.48% OFF
Price: 19000.00 ₹ PMDU10
Permanent MakeUp Unit “Charmant”
Connect line (1pcs)
Power (1pcs)
Operating pen (1pcs)
Operation panel (1pcs)
Non-slip rubber rings ( 3pcs )
Teaching CD ( 1pcs )
User manual ( 1pcs )

- LCD screen
- Slim and light
- Low noise operating unit
- Dual function
- IC processor chips, program-controlled.
- Stable power supply of-PWM method of speed control.
- Precision work to facilitate movement of the needle straight.
- 15 steps speed
- Easy adjustment needle length.
- One-touch speed level conversion.

Price: 18000.00 ₹