Useful Enhancing Tools for Beauty Salons

The beauty equipment and tools are used for enhancing the appearance of lips, eye lines, and eyebrows. If you are looking for the wide range of beauty tools for cosmetic procedures for enhancing your eyebrows, eyeliner then you are at the right place. Ashta India is glad to offer a range of tools that are mainly used by professional artist and beauticians in the Permanent MakeUp industry. 

  Ashta India supply permanent makeup tools include eyebrow kit, lip stencil kit, eyebrow design kit, brow shaping tool, waterproof makeup pencil, tattoo pigments, pigments mixing tools and much more products related to permanent makeup procedure.

If you want to run your business efficiently then use these products to create stunning appearance for your customers. All these tools are easy to use and gives great help at your work. The best thing is that these tools are good for both professionals and beginners of this industry. All products are portable which makes it a best  permanent makeup tool to bring along with you anywhere. Ashta India supply quality tools at a very reasonable price which makes our store popular among the flow of buyers. PTO13
Eyebrow Design Kit.
Kit includes 12 designs and 2 pcs bands.
Use eyebrow stencil when you want to draw a pair of symmetrical eyebrows.
Bind the suitable band around the customer`s head before you will draw the eyebrows.
Adjust the placement of the band to the right area.
Confirm the eyebrows with the Skin Marker or Eyebrow pen. Take the band away and start the PMU procedure.

Price: 3500.00 ₹ PTO10
Eyebrow stencils
These multiple-use eyebrow stencils will help you to achieve perfectly formed eyebrows.
Includes 4 stencils with different brow arches and guide lines.
Price for 4pcs stencils

Price: 500.00 ₹ PTO01
Brows Shaping tool
A perfect tool for perfect brows.

Brow shaping tool helps to shaping the brows very easy and fast. This handy tool will give you perfectly symmetrical, beautifully shaped brows taking into account your facial shape.

Visit links below to find out more about brows shaping tool use:

Price: 600.00 ₹ PT013
Magnifying glasses with LED light
Hand Free Magnifier can be used by the technicians in various fields in precise work fields.
-Magnifying power 3 Lenses: 1.5x; 3x; 8.5x;
-LED on-off control
-Head belt can be adjusted

Used 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries

Price: 3000.00 ₹ PTO02
Color Wheel
The best Color Wheel for your work.
Color Wheel is a perfect tool to learn the mystery of the color theory. It is the great guide to mixing colors, color relationships, shades, tones and tints; demonstrates how the colors are affected by each other to help you choose the perfect mixture of pigments for your procedures.

Tip: learn more about the Color Wheel from the Youtube:

Price: 600.00 ₹